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Welcome to our children's environmental health wiki!

The Michigan Network for Children's Environmental Health and the Ecology Center developed this wiki as a platform for people interested in sharing relevant research, authoritative reports, and relevant policy activity and recommendations related to children's environmental health in Michigan. We have organized the information around three critical health endpoints for children including neurodevelopmental disorders, respiratory health/asthma, and childhood cancer. Where there is a credible link between those health endpoints and chemicals and environmental exposures, we have created a chapter highlighting the research and started to populate the wiki. However, children's environmental health is an active area of research, and the landscape is changing weekly. That's why we created a wiki! We are inviting the research community, parents, health and environmental advocates and others to join the community of people contributing to the wiki.

In addition to research on the links between environmental exposures and children's health, we have started to identify best practices in policy initiatives in states across the country, and made recommendations for best practices in Michigan. Policy is also rapidly developing, so we look forward to contributions from policy makers, researchers and policy advocates to update the wiki.

Its easy to sign up and create an account. We look forward to your contributions to the site.

And a bit of background: More than five years ago we began the process of assessing toxic environmental threats to the health of children in Michigan. We also surveyed other states to determine best practices in environmental health policy. The report grew to many pages, and constantly needed updating, given the scope of the issues covered. We were also concerned that the report would just sit on a shelf, unused. So the wiki was born! We hope you will read, contribute and find this a valuable resource.

Thanks for visiting the Children's Environmental Health wiki!

About the Ecology Center

The Ecology Center is the lead agency for the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health and is a Michigan-based nonprofit environmental organization that works at the local, state, and national levels for clean production, healthy communities, environmental justice, and a sustainable future.